When I was visiting the Konica Minolta booth at PMA, they were kind enough to let me put one of my own cards in the Maxxum 7D and shoot some tests. I particularly wanted to see how well the built-in Anti-Shake worked. This image says a lot. It was shot at 1/8th second, at 60mm focal length, handheld. Now, I got some bad ones at the same speed. But the fact that I could get one is a big deal. Check over the image carefully and you'll notice that there's a lot of movement except for one of the model and the guy's legs. That shows you just how slow the shutter speed actually is. If you can capture one out of three at this speed, that's great.

This photo was uploaded exactly as it came out of the camera. It hasn't been altered in any way. It was shot as an sRGB JPEG and I uploaded it without any aditing whatsoever.

Click on the image to view it at full resolution.