The Fujifilm guys were kind enough to let me put one of my own cards in the S3 Pro and shoot some full-res tests. To tell the truth, the were eager to have me play with the camera. And the encouraged me to shoot comparison photos with my Canon EOS 10D. That says a ot about their confidence in the camera.The deal with the S3 Pro is its extended dynamic range - specifically in the highlights. Most digital photographers expose for the highlights. In other words, we set our exposures so that we won't blow out the light areas. There's always tons of data available in the shadows. But when the highlights go, they're gone. The S3 Pro is supposed to hold a lot more detail in the highlights - even if you blow it. The best example is shooting a wedding in bright sunlight, where there's a big risk of losing all the subtle details in a wedding dress. The camera is intended to hold those details, even if the photographer blows it a little.This sample is untouched and at full resolution. You're seeing it exactly as it was captured, as a JPEG, in the camera. Take a look at the highlights in the model's hair. That's the spot to check to see how well the camera does what it's supposed to. You might not see the detail. Open it in Photoshop and check there, to really be sure.