MaJoy presents Panda @ 54

Panda, the model is:
a mother of two beautiful adult girls
and she knows life, has a spiritual awareness and knows how to represent and present her experience in her visual expressions.
I am her photographer and friend and feel privileged to put my artistic skills and ambitions into creating an experience for:
The Artist: Here is the model for your next sculpture painting or design;
The Art-Lover: Beautifully crafted images that show our body is a beautiful creation and we can confidently show without ever compromising our integrity.
The Seeker: Body Mind and Spirit are a person. Here is your chance to see it with our eyes.
Henry and Panda

PS: please watch out for more; this are only a few preview samples; please see my gallery and the links once they are included.
Feel free to comment or to ask.
This is the launch of a series that is entertainment and education about ourself. EnJoy! Thank You!