The California Highway Patrol ( CHP ) stopped by as we were parked & chatted with us. Here is my friend Dennis receiving an unexpected compliment.

It all started as we rode by a well hidden CHP speed trap a few miles back going 50 in a 50mph zone.

About a mile up the road we stopped (here) to take in the view, approx. a minute later...this officer rolled up. Somewhat of a nervous moment at

He started out the conversation by simply saying... "Thanks guys for riding safely"

Turns out he rides as well, was impressed how we rolled by his speed-trap in formation, of course checking out the bikes.
For 15 minutes he sat in his patrol car & enjoyed talking with us.

I did notice a dramatic reduction in speeding traffic on this stretch of PCH1 during his presence... :O)

Wow, what a great officer...pure chance encounter. Great day!