This is from a baseball shoot I just did this morning. Hot as heck, bright sun, no shade and nothing else to use as background other than this small patch of bushes. I took these 3 photos right in a row. I have cropped them down to the same size but they were all taken from the same distance, neither of us moved and I changed nothing on my camera. I did have my 580 EXll directly mounted on mounted on my Rebel T1i in an effort to decrease dreaded hat shadows. On a couple of the other pics not only did it eliminate the hat shadow, it blew their face out. :-( I used a Canon 28-135 Zoom lens, but in 99% of the pictures I was at the 28 end. I'm sure I had something set wrong.. why? Because I don't know what I SHOULD have had it set on. I have read and read and watched tutorials, but what I really need is someone (or many) to speak to my situation, because I really want to know how to do this right, take out the guessing, and quit having to rely on Photoshop. Take them right the first time. Please be nice, I'm doing the best I know how. I don't have any photographer friends to ask and I love shooting. I know there is also a program or somewhere on the camera where it will show you what you had your camera set at, all the details of the image, does anyone know where I can find that information on my images? I appreciate any help. I feel so lost with no one to ask questions to!
Thank you so much for any help.