Rising high above the street at over 100m above sea level sits the Basilica. Construction on the Basilica began in 1924 and at the time of Brother Andre's death in 1937 the massive dome was not yet completed. In fact the Basilica wasn't inaugurated until March 19th, 1955. The walls are concrete and Canadian granite, and the floors are of quartzite. It can hold up to 10,000 people (2,200 seated). The architecture of the basilica is unique. The exterior is more Italian Renaissance, whereas the interior has a Brutalist Flare. The decoration inside of the Basilica was done by the French Master Henri Charlier between 1955 and 1959. The Grand Organ Built by Rudolf Von Bekerath of Hamburg West Germany it took 2 years to build and 7 months to install. It contains 5,811 pipes and 78 stops. There are five keyboards plus the pedal board. And I had the honour of hearing it play.