"This beautiful ruined church sits above the road not far from the village of West Newton, near to the heart of the Sandringham estate. There was once a village, but it has completely gone, although it is said you can make out where the streets and houses were in the field to the north-east of the church after a dusting of light snow.
St Mary was a round-towered church, and it was a big, fat handsome tower, constructed of carstone and flint. The tower arch appears Norman, but the carstone banding of the tower suggests that it was early, possibly even pre-Conquest. An even stronger suggestion comes from the bell openings - like a gap-toothed smile now, but surely these were once triangular headed windows? If so, then this tower was certainly Saxon, possibly as early as 1000. The ruins of the tiny church against it show that this part of the building was much more recent, probably by about 300 years, presumably replacing a Norman church."