My brother Shane, with a Red Iguana jalapeno margarita. That's right - those chunks you see are raw, chopped jalapeno. Red Iguana is one of the best places to eat in Salt Lake City - higly recommended for anyone who visits!

This was taken at ISO 6400 with the new Canon EOS-1D Mark IV digital SLR. I shot it RAW and coverted it to a 16-bit TIFF with the supplied Canon Digital Photo Professional software. Some global color and contrast adjustments have been made during conversion and in Photoshop, but no noise reduction has been applied. I uploaded it at full size so you can click on the image to see it at the original resolution. It's got a little bit of motion blur because of the slow shutter speed but I think the noise looks pretty damn good for ISO 6400.

High-res Canon EOS-1D Mark IV studio sample photos are here: