I thought digiscoping was limited to P&S camera, as that's how I remember it starting with the twist-bodied Nikon coolpix.

It seems an inexpensive way to get a 1200mm lens for a DSLR.

They were using the pancake lenses as they are a better match to the eye relief of the zoom eyepiece using the DCA adapter.

At long focal lengths you need really still air, a good tripod, and the small effective aperture (f/10, 1/13) may force you to push the ISO up. But the results can be spectacular.

I think that cameras with sensor shift IS, and live view, will be better suited, as there is less vibration on taking the image, and framing and focussing will be simpler.

Compatible cameras list: http://www.digiscoperoftheyear.com/u...ras%5B5%5D.pdf