Well - I had to try it myself. Topaz Adjust is incredibly easy and as with most CS3 Photoshop processes is non-destructive. Save with a new file name and instant ZAP! The presets work very well and require litte effort. There is a complete selection of "Tuning" adjustments if desired to maximize or minimize any effect. For this test - I took an untouched JPEG and applied the "Psychedelic" preset. That's it. Added my name and this is what you get. I HIGHLY recommend TOPAZ ADJUST. Very reasonable and can ONLY BE USED IN CS3. Will not set up in CS2. I am certain that a CS4 version is ready. Check out their website. Google TOPAZ ADJUST for a Demo Version to download. Special Thanks to MATTBIKEBOY. It was his work that turned me onto Topaz Adjust.